Take a Virtual Tour of UniHall


If you can't make it to UniHall in person to see our rooms and facilities on a guided tour, no worries! 

Check out our virtual tours below to see our rooms, study rooms and areas where you can hang out and have fun.




Obviously, you'll need a room to live in when you live on campus. Usually, students in the first year living at UniHall move into a Standard Room.

You can see for what a typical Standard Room looks like in the virtual tour below. Don't worry, we've done our best to make it appear very true to size!


Dining Hall

In your first year at UniHall living in a standard room, you get meals included in your rent. These meals are provided in the Dining Hall, and you get to control how you use these meals with the choice meal sessions. 

The Dining Hall is also a great social hub to hang out with friends over a meal.


What about your washing? We’ve got that covered too. There are a number of laundry rooms with washing machines and dryers on our campus to cater for all our 750+ residents. 

Below is a tour of the laundry room most first year residents use. 


Even though you’re a just few minutes’ walk from the UWA campus (and its libraries and study spaces), you also have access to any of the study spaces at UniHall to knuckle down and study. 

Each room is a little different; some have computers and others have desks only so you can bring your laptop. Some rooms are more of a lounge style, and then there’s also our library. The great thing? They’re all open 24 hours a day, so you can access them at the time you need!

Check them out below.

Group Study Room


Computer Room



Having Fun

One of the best parts of living on campus is living next door to your friends, and always having someone close by who is free to hang out.

That’s why we have a bunch of spaces dedicated to allowing you to do just that!

Games Room

The games room is filled with pool tables, table tennis tables, vending machines, board games, an xbox station and much more so you can take time to chill out with your friends when you need to. 


Music Room

If you play an instrument, or a keen on learning one, our music rooms are great for you! UniHall has 2 music rooms so you can have a jam, and they’re complete with a range of instruments from pianos to drums and guitars. 

Common Spaces

UniHall is filled with casual common spaces where you can relax and hang out with friends. Each is a little different, but between them you’ll find TVs, pool tables, common kitchens, couches and chill vibes.