24/7 Resident Support

You can feel comfortable in your new home with a network of staff and senior students to support you

University Hall is here for you

You can feel safe knowing that six staff members live on site, together with a team of Residential Advisors (student leaders), who provide after hours support if you need it. Being owned by UWA means the University's security team conducts regular patrols at the College and is available to walk residents home if they're studying late on campus.

Deputy Principal Janet Linn 
Janet Linn
Deputy Principal

Meet our Deputy Principal

Janet has been at UniHall since 2008, where she was Student Services Manager at Currie Hall, working closely with the student leadership teams to develop student programs and activities as well as managing the overall resident experience.

In 2013 she became the Deputy Principal of the new and larger University Hall, managing the Residential Life team; in 2014 she also assumed the role of Alumni Manager, working with an alumni committee to encourage engagement and participation of former residents. Janet has a wide range of hobbies depending on the season.

"I love the fact that every semester is different at UniHall. We welcome new people from all over the world into an already vibrant and active community. We see current residents developing into outstanding leaders and role models as they share their own experiences at UniHall and UWA with new residents, making sure that they feel supported at a time when everything can feel a bit overwhelming. This is 'independent living with a safety net' and I love the energy and sense of purpose we share in making this a successful community."

Our Residential Life Coordinators

In addition to the support offered by our Principal and Deputy Principal, UniHall has three residential life coordinators to support your development and advancement during your time at UniHall.

The Residential Life Coordinators focus on 3 key portfolios:

  • Academic Advancement
  • Professional Development
  • Community Connections

It’s easy to get involved and reach your goals with a range of programs and support available for all residents.

Your Residential Advisors

A large team of senior students are employed by University Hall to assist with the physical, emotional and social well being of all residents. Every floor in the UniHall houses are assigned with a Residential Advisor who will welcome you when you arrive and support you throughout your stay. Each night after 5pm, two Residential Advisors are on duty and act as the first point of contact to provide after-hours support.