Uni Life on Campus


As you move from high school to uni, you’ll notice many differences in your study experience; going from terms to semesters, and getting those big uni breaks just to name a few!

And when you live on campus while you study, you’ll add a bunch of new experiences on top of that.

Get an insight about what living and studying on campus at UWA is like below, direct from some UniHall residents themselves. 


Image of student writing on notebook outside University Hall

5 Things You Didn't Know 

Read our list of things you might not have know about living on campus at UniHall

People You'll Meet

In our diverse community, there's so many different people to meet and connect with


Image of two students walking back from campus with UWA's Winthrop Hall in the background

5 Things to Consider 

Check out our list of things to consider when choosing your student accommodation

Image of students standing at a welcome to university hall sign in the upper quad

A Year at Hall

Check out what a typical year at UniHall looks like, from semester dates to uni breaks and events

Image of coffee cup and coffee press on a counter

A Day in the Life of a Student

Take a look how UWA student Maya spends her uni days

Image of two friends camping on the coastline

Living on the Weekend

See how UWA student Hamed makes the most of his weekends while living on campus at UniHall

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