People You'll Meet at UniHall


Moving to Perth for study can seem like a daunting step, from starting a new phase of life at uni, moving to a different locality away from family and friends.

Image of a ResClub committee member and another student smiling to the cameraBut making friends is made that bit easier when students choose to live on campus during their studies. With more than 700 students living on campus at the University of Western Australia’s own residential college, University Hall, and a host of events to take part in each week, meeting new people and making new friends happens quickly.

Below are some of the people you’ll likely meet living on campus at University Hall.

Image of two people studying at an outside picnic table with laptop
The Master of Study

Looking into the study spaces across the UniHall campus, you’ll find students working diligently through their textbooks and typing on their laptops. 

A few hours later after a break for dinner, you might find those same students in the UniHall library getting a few more study hours in. On a sunny day, they’re sitting outside at the picnic tables with their laptop enjoying the sunshine. 

Maybe they’ve got an assignment due, or maybe they just love learning more about their field of study. They’re driven, and they’ve got the tools and resources at UniHall to help them along the way. 


The Community Advocate

With a diverse community comes an eclectic mix of interests and passions. Within the community, you’ll meet some passionate community advocates. There are the students on the environment committee working to promote sustainability in the community, whether it’s installing a composter on site, or screening a series of environmentally-focused Ted Talks. 

Maybe they’ve got a different passion, like promoting accessibility or LBGTQI+ inclusivity, sharing indigenous Australian culture or something else that’s personal to them. They want to make the world a better place, and they’re making positive steps with the support of the UniHall community to achieve this. 


The Sports-Goer

Image of people playing evening soccer in the upper quadYou can find this student in the outdoor quadrangles just before sunset, throwing a frisbee, kicking a ball or practising their cricket batting swing.

They put their hand up to take part in the regular Intercollege sporting events, having fun with the UniHall team competing against fellow residential colleges. To them, it doesn’t matter if they’ve ever played that sport before or not – it’s just a heap of fun getting out there and giving it a go.

You can even see them at the gym, making the most of their free gym membership, keeping fit or working to improve their game. 


Hidden MasterChef

The hidden MasterChef spends their weekends cooking up a storm in their studio room kitchenette and sharing the creations with their friends. The smell of freshly baked muffins in the common kitchens is their making, and you might be lucky to bump into them on their rounds to share them with others in the community. 

You’ll even enjoy some incredible international cuisine, as students from across the globe cook their favourite dishes from home and share their culture with their friends. 


Student Leaders 

Image of six students posing and smiling to the cameraThere’s a large support network of student leaders at residential colleges like University Hall. From Residential Advisors to the Residents’ Club, student leaders at UniHall help create connections within the community. You’ll find these students hosting events, mingling with others at lunch or dinner, or on after-hours duty rounds. 

UniHall’s student leaders are trained to provide peer support to residents, and can help with day to day support queries. By the end of the year, they’ll go from a familiar face to a friend in our community.


UniHall Staff

Living on campus at University Hall comes with a large support network of staff looking out for the needs of students in our community. The Residential Life team live on site providing pastoral care for students, whether it’s a listening ear, support in accessing services, or anything else that come with living independently while studying at university. 

Then there’s the housekeeping team, who make sure your rooms and common spaces are looking clean and fresh each week. Having a professional team cleaning your room is a BIG plus to living on campus!

Finally, there’s the office staff who help make the admin tasks in your daily life seamless. They’ll help you with getting laundry tokens, will sort mail ready for collection, and gladly accept your parcels and keep them ready for you to collect at the end of each day. If you have a question whether it’s about your rent, or when your room is due to be cleaned next, they can help you out!



Sound good? You can check out UniHall life for yourself at this UWA Open Day on Sunday 18 March.

We’ll be open for tours and a FAQ session with staff and students!


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