Adulting with Our Support

We like to say that living on campus at University Hall is like living independently, with a safety net.

So while you’ve got the independence of spending your time in the way you want, University Hall has in-built supports to help you stay happy and healthy, and to access help when you need it.

Support for you


Helping you to maintain your safety and wellbeing is the biggest priority at University Hall. We have a strong support system of staff to help you access help or support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Residential Advisors

Every floor at University Hall has a Residential Advisor living alongside residents, providing day-to-day support to you. Residential Advisors are staff members and undergo training to provide peer support to residents, working together with the Residential Life Team as part of the support system.

Your Residential Advisor can be your go-to if you have questions, or need to be pointed in the right direction about anything to do with living on campus. They’re also there if you’ve locked yourself out of your room and need help getting back in!

Residential Life Team

Our Residential Life Team is made up of a Residential Life Coordinator, Head of Student Programs, Head of Student Welfare, our Deputy Principal and our Principal. Together, their goal is that you are happy, healthy and have the optimal environment to achieve your study goals.

Residential Life Staff are here to provide pastoral care support to every resident. When living at University Hall, you are assigned a Residential Life Staff member, who you can talk to about anything that you need support with – whether you’re feeling homesick, need to access medical support or academic support, or anything else. Our Head of Student Programs coordinates our enrichment programs, working with student committees to bring you a host of events throughout the year.

UWA Connections

Being UWA's own residential college means that we're integrated into the University's student experience, and have great relationships with the various departments across the University.

We works in partnership with UWA Security to help protect the safety of residents at all hours. UWA Security staff regularly patrol our grounds all throughout the day and night, and are only a phone call away for after-hours assistance.

You’ll also benefit from the strong connections we have with various UWA departments like UWA Sport, the Medical Centre and the UWA Health Promotion Unit, just to name a few. Often you’ll be able to access their events or initiatives at UniHall, or will have convenient access to their services.

Support for your daily life


Meals, Cleaning, Washing

With living away from home comes the responsibility of getting your own meals, and doing your own cleaning and washing – which can be time consuming and can take a bit of getting used within your weekly schedule. 

In your first year at UniHall living in a Standard Room, you’ll get a helping hand with 14 meals provided in the Dining Hall each week (an average of 2 per day, but you can use them however you want across the week), as well as a weekly room clean to keep on top of things. You’ll still need to do your own washing, but we have laundry rooms where you can do this (so no need to lug your weekly washing down to a laundromat).


Having a quality internet connection is important for your studies, which is why you get free Wi-Fi and internet as part of living at University Hall. Because we’re the University’s residential college, the Wi-Fi connection you use at uni is the same Wi-Fi connection you’ll use at UniHall. 

No mobile data left? No worries!

Gym Membership

We know the importance of maintaining physical health and its impacts on your overall wellbeing. That’s why you get a free gym membership from our friends at UWA Sport for the period of your lease. 

You’ll have access to their quality gym equipment and fitness classes as part of your membership.

Support for your studies


Providing the environment for you to successfully study and live on campus is what we’re all about. So you’ll find lots of little strategies put into place around University Hall to do just this – from having loads of study rooms across campus, to having quiet times and stressbuster events during exam periods.

Academic Advancement Program

You’ll have access to tailored events and workshops to support your uni studies through our Academic Advancement Program. These events will help you fine tune your uni academic skills (think referencing, statistics, report writing etc) so you can excel in your studies.

Support for your finances


To help provide financial support towards the cost of living at University Hall, UWA offers a range of scholarships and bursaries to both new and returning residents. 

If you start to feel worried or stressed about financial obligations or pressures while living at University Hall, you can also chat with your Residential Life Staff member who can help you with resources and other strategies to manage your finances.