11 January 2024

University Hall Deputy Principal, Hayden Glass honoured with Life Membership.

University Hall Deputy Principal, Hayden Glass, has been honoured with Life Membership from the National Association of Australian University Colleges (NAAUC) during their recent Annual General Meeting (AGM). This recognition acknowledges Hayden's outstanding contributions to the association.

Within the college, Hayden's responsibilities primarily revolve around the welfare of residents, a commitment that originated from his involvement with Red Frogs Australia. Serving initially as a volunteer and later as the leader of Red Frogs WA, Hayden established an early connection with NAAUC, offering support services to the association's management team.

Over more than a decade, Hayden has played various roles in supporting successive management committees of NAAUC, consistently prioritising the well-being of individuals. His active participation in the annual National Conference includes not only logistical support but also crucial behind-the-scenes efforts to ensure the team's welfare.

A dedicated advocate for NAAUC, Hayden extends his support to the management team on personal, professional, and well-being fronts. Jack Agnew, the Immediate Past President of 2023, and Hayden's nominator, praised his unwavering commitment, stating, "Hayden’s continued commitment to assisting the young people who operate the Association has impacted the work of NAAUC, and by proxy, university colleges across the country in a lasting and meaningful way."

In his acceptance speech at the National Conference, Hayden expressed his passion for the industry, stating, "I have ended up in a job I love, in an industry that excites me, and in which I am very passionate about."

We at University Hall are very lucky to have him supporting all of us!