UniHall debate alive in 2018

The academic debates were key features in UniHall's academic calendar

14 December 2018

The academic team hosted two active debates in 2018

The academic debates were back in 2018, becoming a staple event in the Academic Advancement calendar. 

In 2018, UniHallers debated whether political correctness was impinging on free speech, and whether artificial intelligence is the best thing to happen to humanity.

The winning team was decided by a panel of judges, and the best speaker decided by the audience.

Four debating students together at the academic debate

In this year’s crackling and energetic Semester Two debate, Rafe Findlay and Noah Chapman debated Daniel Lee and Maximilion Chatfield, with Rafe and Noah finally winning over the audience and the judges to their view that artificial intelligence poses unforeseeable risks to humanity.

After the debate, the audience spoke their minds and asked pointed questions to all the debaters.  

Congratulations to the winning debaters in 2018, and thanks to all students who debated their views.

We look forward to what the 2019 Debates bring!