11 April 2024

Shondell Hayden - Dreams of bringing greater health care to regional WA

Shondell has found immense joy in returning to Unihall, a place that feels like home after spending three formative years here at the outset of her studies at UWA. In her initial stint, she served as both a Resident Advisor and Sports Representative for ResClub, earning recognition with a Unihall Greens award in 2016.

Currently in her final year of Medicine, Shondell has aspirations of either venturing into regional WA or pursing a specialisation in Renal Health. Her roots in the countryside run deep, having spent much of her upbringing in the regional town of Exmouth. It was there that her fascination with the intricacies of the human body and disease first took root. While contemplating her academic path, she entertained the prospect of pathology, but ultimately, the allure of medicine prevailed, as she believed it offered greater avenues for impact.

Shondell's passion for Renal Health is profoundly influenced by her cultural background, where she has witnessed firsthand the disproportionate prevalence of kidney disease among Indigenous communities.

Despite facing her own medical hurdles, notably undergoing brain surgery in 2017, Shondell remains steadfast in her dedication to her studies and her community as well as assuming the role of Indigenous Co-Chair of the Western Australian Medical Students’ Society Committee.

Her counsel to the 2024 incoming medical students underscores the importance of time management, breaking tasks into manageable segments, taking periodic breaks, and nurturing a social life alongside academic pursuit.