Sharing Leadership Experiences at UniHall

06 September 2018

Last week, more than 50 residents attended UniHall’s Leadership Information Session to learn more about the many leadership opportunities available at UniHall.

Residents heard from representatives of UniHall’s leadership programs and committees, including:

- Residential Advisors

- ResClub Committee

- UniHall Pathways to Leadership Program

- NAAUC Delegates

- UniHall Academic Team 

Among the presenters was Darryl, who currently holds leadership position as a residential advisor and is an active member of the UniHall Pathways to Leadership Program.  

Residential Advistor and presenter DarrylDarryl shared ‘the three Ps’ that he has gained from his experiences as a leader at UniHall:

“Possibilities: my leadership position has given me so many possibilities and opportunities to grow individually. Not only that, there are so many possibilities to do good, and to inspire others to do good as well.

Professional: my leadership position has prepared me for life after university where I am able to work in teams or even lead a team.

People: definitely one of the main reasons why I wanted to take on a leadership position and why I want to continue being in a leadership position. The UniHall community is so diverse and over the years, I've made so many friends that have done so much for me personally, and I wanted to give back to them. The team members that I work with are all amazing and unique leaders of their own, which really inspires me to be the best leader I can be for them, as well as the wider community.”

Residents also had the opportunity to ask questions of each speaker, such as ‘What is the typical week of a Residential Advisor’.

Leadership development is an important focus at UniHall, and helps shape our unique and diverse community.

“As a leader at UniHall you are never alone, and you can count on the various support systems that are put in place for you to succeed in your role,” says Darryl.

Darryl shares his leadership experiences at the session Brodie shares her experiences at the information session

Dewi shares her experiences with the group Rafe shares his leadership experiences