02 April 2024

Meet our Res Life Team

Pastoral care and academic support are a big part of why we exist here at University Hall. All staff but particularly our Res Life Staff (RLS) are here to ensure residents make the most of university life and succeed in their studies.

Each RLS oversees a unique program, which offers opportunities for residents to access academic support, link up with or become a Mentor, develop leadership skills, and attend a variety of events where new friendships are formed and residents can immerse themselves in Unihall’s diverse community.

So, let’s start with Hayden Glass, Deputy Principal.

Hayden hails from the sunshine state and is still holding on to his ties through his passionate support of the Maroons! The Queensland rugby team for us AFL loving West Aussies! Raised and educated here in Perth he has held several roles over his career with a focus on supporting young people navigating life.

Before joining Unihall a little over two years ago, he was the State Director of Red Frogs Australia, responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the organisations Leavers, University, and Festival’s, and High School programs.

Since joining the team at Unihall he has grown to love the diversity, inclusion and energy that is Unihall. He also admires how the staff and the students are all working towards creating a great community how they jump right in and make the most of it.

Next our Head of Student Programs - Jason Taboni.

Jason started here at Unihall in 2022 and is no stranger to working in the University environment having held a role at Edith Cowan University prior. During his time as Head of Student Programs he has seen a growth in the opportunities available to residents here at the Hall through the pathways to leadership program, academic, volunteering and employment.

Jason enjoys working with the many brilliant and creative student minds which call University Hall home. He finds it inspiring to witness the teamwork, commitment and planning to ensure a safe and inclusive community where residents can thrive, participate, and always feel valued.

Laura Bardotti our residential coordinator is one of our longest serving staff members, she has watched many mature and go into the world with a sense of confidence and purpose. Laura feels at home among our diverse international community, born in Italy and having spent time in Canada and the USA she can empathise with residents who are away from home and taking up the challenge of studying and living abroad.

The vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of Unihall is what keeps her here. She is always astonished by the unique perspectives and experiences of our community and the way in which it creates a dynamic and stimulating environment where everyone can learn and grow together creating a sense of belonging and forging connection that will last a lifetime.

And finally, our newest team member Kate Moore, Head of Wellbeing. When you meet Kate, you will intuitively know she is not local or from around here with her strong Welsh accent. She has just emigrated to Perth with her family to take on the role at Unihall. Kate believes a student’s wellbeing is crucial to both their academic and personal success. Many of our residents are away from home and their usual support networks and Unihall is committed to ensuring we fill this gap for them providing them with consistent support while they are living here.

While still early days, Kate has experienced what a wonderful place Unihall is to be part of, with its vibrant and close-knit community.

Hopefully, you enjoyed getting to know some of our staff here at Unihall, stay tuned for some resident profiles next.