28 May 2024

Leaving a Legacy: Ed Hourani's Journey from Unihall to Innovation

Ed Hourani, a distinguished alumni, completed his Master's of Professional Engineering in Electrical/Electronic at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 2019. During his academic tenure, he resided at University Hall for a remarkable four years, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant community.

Immersing himself fully in the college experience, Ed enthusiastically participated in a swag of sporting events and seized every social opportunity that came his way. His active engagement not only enriched his own experience but also contributed to fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among his peers.

Currently, Ed is a Principal Software Engineer at BHP, where he is at the forefront of innovative projects in the resources and energy sector. Beyond his corporate role, Ed channels his entrepreneurial spirit into his side venture, Zizoapps, a thriving app development company. Notably, Ed's entrepreneurial prowess is evidenced by his creation of the Unihall App, which has become an integral part of the University Hall community.

In 2013, as University Hall expanded with the completion of three new buildings, accommodating a burgeoning student population exceeding 760, Ed conceptualised the Unihall App as a unifying platform. With the addition of studio and one-bedroom apartments catering to well-established and postgraduate students, Ed recognised the need to mitigate any sense of isolation that might arise due to reduced communal interactions. The app emerged as a solution to bridge the gap and foster a cohesive community spirit among residents.

Reflecting on his time at University Hall, Ed fondly recalls the unparalleled sense of community that defined his experience. He attests to the adage that college friendships are indeed lifelong, crediting his time at UniHall for introducing him to a diverse array of remarkable individuals.

Offering sage advice to current residents, Ed emphasizes the transient nature of their college years and encourages them to seize every opportunity for personal and social growth. His mantra is simple yet profound: "You are only at UniHall for a limited time in your life, make the absolute most you can out of it." He underscores the importance of active participation in events and programs, assuring that the initial apprehension is outweighed by the rewarding experiences and lasting connections forged along the way.