Exam Stressbusters and Tips

13 June 2017

UniHall Reporter Dewi speaks University Hall (UniHall) residents about what they do to study for exams and funny moments that unexpectedly appear in such times.

Student holding a small animal

It’s that time of the year again!

Late, sleepless nights, countless cups of caffeine or getting distracted in watching adorable videos of cats, and feeling guilty (but nevertheless, you don’t stop). Yes, that’s right – the upcoming exams.

UniHall resident Sidharth, told me that his study routine involved consuming sugary foods, which he says is ‘backed up’ by science. The scientific context behind this is that the brain can only run on glucose, albeit more commonly an excuse to console our guilt of eating such treats.

Lead Residential Advisor and a second-year medicine student, Tim, described his love for story-telling; transforming mundane content into a fantasy filled children’s story. When he’s tired of studying, there is always music – where he can close his eyes and drift off into a different place; in which he calls the ‘Adele’ phase.

He has also kindly shared some of his study tips to help get through the exam week:

  1. Spend time on how you want to tackle the exam, giving time and thought into what content you’ll need to study and how much time you invest in each of your units. (Plus, it’s also a form of ‘productive procrastination’)
  2. Keep yourself ‘refreshed,’ every time your brain can no longer handle it or when you are just tired, take a break. Never underestimate a two-minute walk outside or a simple stretch – you’ll thank yourself for it.
  3. Find someone to talk, and talk about what you’ve just studied. Not only do you consolidate your knowledge, but if they’re studying for the same exam, you’ll also learn something from them too!
  4. Find your happy helper – something that is guaranteed to help relieve your stress! It can be a place, piece of furniture, a song, tea, coffee or even snacks. Keep this consistent throughout the week, it’ll really help you maintain your focus.

To aid in reducing the already high cortisol levels in us (the hormone that helps us to, hopefully, withstand stress), has also been some stress-busters. This included the yoga classes, Tim Tams, pizza, milo, the Petting Zoo and plenty of mingling.

To my great surprise, on Thursday, the lower quad was filled with adorable, fluffy animals, a leadership event ran by Duné and Liesl. There were guinea pigs, goats, ducks, chickens and bunnies (the first time I’ve ever seen and touched one – who knew they were so huge!).

The exams can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it feels that it weigh so much towards your units. But, just remember that you are never alone and that there is always someone there to talk to.

Good luck everyone!