19 February 2024

Celebrating New Beginnings: A Recap of Last Night's Welcome Day at Uni Hall!

Last night marked a sizzling start to a new chapter for our vibrant community at Uni Hall! The campus was buzzing with excitement as we warmly welcomed our newest members with open arms during our Welcome Day celebration. From laughter to shared stories, and from new friendships forming to unforgettable moments, it was an evening filled with joy and camaraderie.

Of course, no celebration is complete without delicious food, and our Welcome Day BBQ did not disappoint. Thanks to our Dining Hall chefs and staff for providing the indulgent spread, to the bar staff for providing the little bit of extra courage and to Grayson our soloist who keep the crowd entertained.

Then it was time for some fun and games lead by our wonderful ResClub team! Icebreaker activities provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to start to get to know each other, and bond over shared interests. Laughter echoed through the halls as students participated in spirited competitions, team challenges, and interactive games designed to foster connection and unity.

As the night drew to a close, there was a tangible sense of belonging and community that filled the air. New friendships had been forged, memories had been made, and bonds had been strengthened. With hearts full of anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead, our new Uni Hallers bid farewell to an unforgettable evening, eager to embark on this incredible adventure together.

Here's to new beginnings, lifelong friendships, and the countless memories that await us at Uni Hall. Welcome home, new Uni Hallers – the best is yet to come!