UniHall Celebrates Resident Academic Achievement in Semester 2, 2022

05 June 2023

At UniHall we believe it is important to acknowledge the academic achievement of our residents. Achieving consistently high grades requires hard work and many hours of study. Each semester, we hold an Academic Celebration event to honour our top achievers and encourage them to keep striving for excellence in their studies.

On Wednesday 19th April we held our Academic Celebration for outstanding achievement in semester 2 of 2022. With the Vice Chancellor of UWA, Professor Amit Chakma, in attendance we paid tribute to 247 UniHall residents who achieved distinctions and high distinctions in all subjects. This remarkable feat represents an impressive 33% of the UniHall population for that semester.

The evening was filled with delicious cocktail-style food, refreshing drinks and the musical stylings of Ezereve, creating a memorable experience for all who attended.

We are immensely proud of our residents for their dedication to their studies, we can’t wait to see what they have achieved this semester.