What to Know about Applying to Live on Campus


Year 12 can feel like it flies past, with study, assignments, exams, waiting for your ATAR and so much more in between. To help you along the way, we’ve collected some of the info you need to know if you’re looking to live on campus while you study at UWA in 2025.

Covered on this page: 

  • Year 12 UWA Admissions Options for 2025
  • Key application dates to be across
  • When is the best time to apply for living on campus at UniHall
  • How to make your application to live on campus at UniHall


Your options as a year 12 school leaverThis year UWA is again offering a number of entry pathways into UWA for 2025 for Year 12 school leavers:

  • ATAR based entry
  • Predicted ATAR entry
  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test

Plus, you can also apply for an early offer into UWA for most degrees, which are open now. 

Check the UWA website for all the details and sign up to stay updated with the latest info.


Dates to Know


Our Tip: Apply when you do your tisc preferences. But remember, you do have optionsIf you’re hoping to study and live at UWA, there are a few dates to know as a Year 12 school leaver. We’ve included the big ones below so you don’t miss a beat. 

Did you know?

You don’t need to have your UWA offer to make an application to live on college. To get the ball rolling, we start processing your application, and then finalise everything when your UWA offer comes through!

We’ve pulled these dates together from TISC and UWA, so check in with them regularly to make sure things haven’t changed!

TISC Website

UWA Website

Date What


TISC Applications for 2025 open around 1 May.

Find out more about your TISC application via the TISC website

TIP: Do your UniHall application at the same time as your TISC preferences so it's all started at the same time.

19/20 Dec 


ATAR & WACE results released

23/24 Dec


Main round of uni offers released
 30 Dec  Recommended deadline for your UniHall application

20 Jan


Second round of uni offers released

28 Jan


Round 2 uni offers available.
 16 Feb

UniHall Welcome Day 2025 (official move in day for new residents)
 24 Feb

UWA Semester 1 2025 begins
When to Apply?


There’s no official deadline for applications to live at UniHall. We keep accepting applications until we’re full, which could be three weeks before classes start, or 5 weeks into semester. BUT – we usually fill quickly. 

So, when is the best time to apply?

As a year 12 school student, it’s a good idea to apply for living on campus at a college when you do your TISC preference. That way it’s all done and ready to go when you get your offer.

Want to be more organised? 

Great – we open applications one year in advance, so you can get straight onto it whenever you're ready!

Still thinking about your options? 

No worries. You CAN make an application in advance, even if you’re not sure what uni you’re going to.

Or you can wait until you get your offer before you get started. The key thing to remember is not to leave it too late – so apply for college within a week or two of receiving your offer. If you leave it too late, we might be full, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out! 


Basically, the earlier you apply, the better chance you have at securing a place at UniHall.

Making your application


Put UniHall #1 in your college preferenceUWA supports you to find a place to live on campus; making it quick, convenient and cost effective to apply for multiple residential colleges at once. It's very similar to the way you apply for unis through TISC. 

The idea is that if there’s no places left at UniHall by the time you apply (oh no!), your application automatically moves to your next college preference; saving you time and money in making another application.

What to expect?

Instead of applying directly to UniHall, you’ll apply through UWA and will need to select UniHall as your first preference for residential college.

During this process, you will create an application profile, rank your colleges by order of preference, answer a few questions before, and make a $125 application fee to finalise everything. 


Need help with some questions?

If you have any questions or get stuck along the way – we can help!

Just contact us and we can step you through what needs to happen