First Year Experiences

One of our first year residents shares about their experience of living at UniHall

06 August 2021

Hear from one of our first year residents about their experience of living at UniHall

There can many unknowns for students finishing high school and looking to pursue further studies in Perth. From commencing a new way of studying, to the increased independence of living on campus, it can be hard to imagine what to expect.

To help paint a picture of what it’s like living on campus while studying at UWA, we asked some first year students to share their experiences of studying their first semester while living at UniHall.

Jessica shares her experiences below:


Jessica has completed her first semester of a Biomedial Science majoring in Microbiology, and lived on campus during this time. Jessica decided to live on campus due to her long commute to campus from home, and has enjoyed the ability to plan her own time while living independently.

What prompted you to think about living on campus during your studies?

I live quite far from Perth so going to university for my classes would take about an hour or so on the train. I figured living on campus would be easier to get to and from classes maximising study time. Also starting university for the first time I wanted to make some new friends because many people I know from my school ended up going to different universities.

What was it like moving in?

Moving in was definitely exciting! Meeting new people and getting to know what university is like was something I really looked forward to. As I started to settle in, I did miss my family back home, but I’d visit them frequently, so it was ok.

Did you know anyone at UniHall before moving in?

When I was moving in, I didn’t know a single person. However, as I started to get involved in the activities especially during Welcome Week, I started to make some friends. I went to most of the Welcome Week events, and I found them worthwhile. I found that each activity was fun and unique. I made a lot of friends at each one!

What is the best part about living on campus?

The best part about living on campus would be the close proximity to UWA. This is really helpful in going to the uni library early or late in the day without catching the bus.

What do you like best about your room at UniHall?

I have a standard room, so I share the bathroom and kitchen. However, I don’t mind it because you have your close friends as your neighbours. You can easily hang out if you’re feeling swamped with university study.

Before you moved in, did you plan on cooking or using the dining hall most? Is that different to what you actually do now?

I planned on making breakfast and lunch and went to the dining hall for dinner. I like how I can cook my own meals, but I also don’t have to if I don’t feel like it. The dining hall has a lot of variety and its always something different everyday so I can try something new.

How is studying at uni different to what you thought it would be like? How have you found the transition from school-based learning?

Studying at university is a lot different to high school. I thought uni would be similar to high school for the workload and contact time. University life is more independent and less structured. It is more content heavy. I have classes everyday but they’re mostly in the mornings. I like to get my classes done in the morning so I can study in the evening.

Where do you like to study around campus and UniHall?

I like to study in the library on campus and in Unihall. It feels nice to be surrounded by books and I’ll sometimes take a book to read during my breaks.