24/7 Resident Support

You can feel comfortable in your new home with a network of staff and senior students to support you

University Hall is here for you

You can feel safe knowing that six staff members live on site, together with a team of Residential Advisors (student leaders), who provide after hours support if you need it. Being owned by UWA means the University's security team conducts regular patrols at the College and is available to walk residents home if they're studying late on campus.

Your Support Staff

UniHall's support networks include of a team of Residential Advisors, three Residential Life Coordinators, our Deputy Principal and Principal.

Residential Advisors

A large team of senior students are employed by University Hall to be the first layer of support for all residents.

Every floor in the UniHall houses are assigned with a Residential Advisor who support residents throughout their stay. Residential Advisors help develop a community among residents on their floor, answer every day questions about life at UniHall, and are able to direct residents to support avenues they may need to access. 

Residential Life Coordinators

Three Residential Life Coordinators provide support and pastoral care to all residents.

Every student has a Residential Life Coordinator allocated to them, who they can meet to discuss anything from how to get involved in the community or planning events for the community, to accessing help and support. Our Residential Life Coordinators also coordinate our Enrichment Programs, which offer an array of events and opportunities for students to engage in the community and further their academic studies and career progression. 

Deputy Principal and Principal

The Residential Advisor and Residential Life Coordinator teams work closely with our Principal and Deputy Principal to ensure all residents in our community are safe, happy and healthy. 

Our Principal and Deputy Principal are active members of the UniHall community, and work alongside our student committees to provide an engaging college experience that aligns with our vision.