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"I feel both excited and privileged to have a piece of Indigenous Artwork to display in my one bedroom apartment. All the pieces are amazing, and I'm in awe of Dr Lagerberg's generosity in sharing her collection with the Hall"
Leanne Nankivell
"I spent my first year at UniHall in a standard room. Despite the lamenting, somewhere along the way, it became home. The first space that was only mine! It will be missed alongside the memories made. I'm finding it hard to part...I'll miss you UniHall"
Lekshana Sirianggam
"My favourite memories come from the river cruise and ball nights. Two huge nights on the Hall calendar that are great social events, where you can always have a great time with your mates and meet some new people."
Devyn Jackamarra
“The choice to study in Australia was a last minute decision, and living in UniHall made it feel like such a right choice that I wouldn't change even if I were given the chance. The community here at UniHall is one of a kind and getting involved and making a difference feels so rewarding. Thank you for everything.”
"I am very pleased that UniHall and the ResLife team truly support and value residents. Time and time again I have heard stories from fellow residents of how the ResLife team and students in leadership positions have supported them when they have been going through really tough times. The community spirit of UniHall is commendable!"
Bron Milkins
“I started off in a Standard Room and this year I’m staying in a Studio Room. It’s a nice change, but to be honest it was nicer to be living in the Standard Room because there’s so much more that you get.”
Jimson Tan
“I’ve had the best time at UniHall especially when I lived in B House (in a Standard Room) during my first year. Best RA, best floor mates!”
Emily Goh