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Resident Testimonials

"We had our Australia Got Talent with Indigenous students from UWA who are also from UniHall. They are able to perform in front of a large crowd and compete for a few cool prizes."

Tyson McEwan from Geraldton

"The ResClub is a student elected and run organisation. We run sporting, cultural, party events. I love that there are so many people at UniHall from all over the world and different cultures."

Sam Day, Residents' Club President 2016

"I'm an Executive Officer of Teach Learn Grow at UniHall, our main agenda is to bridge the education gap in rural Indigenous communities."

Raphael Parvin from Jane Brook

"Coming to UniHall has definitely highlighted my UWA experience for me because of the sense of community here and the events we have."

Natasha Lutz from Denmark

"Having the School of Indigenous Studies and University Hall team come and consult with me really brought everything together."

Tyson McEwan from Geraldton

"I was definitely nervous moving from the country to the city but as soon as I got to UniHall all the fears I had just melted away. It really becomes like your family."

Sam Day from Dardanup

"I chose to live at University Hall because of the amazing residential spaces that it provides. I live in a studio and I love cooking and I'm able to cook in my little kitchen."

Natasha Lutz from Denmark

"I live in a standard room at UniHall and initially I didn't know what to expect but its definitely been my favourite."

Sneha Murray from Bunbury

"What makes a home a home is really the people you are surrounded with and I think that's where University Hall excels."

Armin Scheben from Germany

"I want to maximise my experience living in Perth so I chose to live at UniHall."

Bresson Li from China

"I chose to live at UniHall because it gave me that community environment that I'm so used to."

Shannon Cowdrey-Fong from Broome

"During UniHall's O-Week it was so great, I got to meet so many people and make many new friends. It seemed like such a good idea to come to college. I'm glad I did!"

Amanda Mottershead from Kudardup

"New residents should get involved in O-Week because it really is the best opportunity to make new friends and those friends will be with you for your entire time at UniHall."

Sam Day from Dardanup

"The Ralph Pervan Scholarship basically is free board for up to seventeen weeks and its been a massive help in terms of finances for my parents and myself, so it's great!"

Sneha Murray, Ralph Pervan Scholarship Recipient 2016

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