Principal's Bursary

The Principal's Bursary recognises students who have demonstrated strong contribution and engagement in community life, and is awarded when other scholarships or bursaries have not been awarded during the year.

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If any University Hall scholarship or bursary is not awarded in Semester One of 2020, funds will be re-allocated as bursaries for both current and new residents. The value and how funds are distributed are at the discretion of the Principal. This process will occur through an application process and be named the ‘Principal’s Bursary’.


The Principal's Bursary will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Students may be both new or be current University Hall residents.
  • Experiencing a degree of financial hardship.
  • For current residents, demonstrated strong contribution to life at University Hall through involvement and active engagement as well as solid academic attainment.
  • For new residents, demonstrated involvement and engagement whilst at school or in community across a number of areas including but not limited to sport, arts and culture, community service/volunteering, etc. as well as evidence of growing involvement within the life of University Hall.



Applications for this Bursary have not opened for 2020

If the Principal's Bursary is available to be awarded, the Principal’s Bursary will be promoted to all new students and current residents prior to or beginning of Semester Two, 2020.