Guest accommodation

Visitors can stay in our comfortable short stay rooms.

Short stay rooms

Parents of residents and guests of UWA and UniHall can select from a variety of rooms for their short stay.

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Our short stay rooms are single furnished rooms with bed linen and towels and have reverse cycle air-conditioning. There are shared bathrooms on each floor and guests have access to a kitchenette area. These areas include a microwave, kettle, sink, refrigerator and iron/ironing board (a laundry is also on-site).

Although UWA students are in residence for most of the year at University Hall, short term group accommodation may be available during July, December, January and February.


You can stay for a minimum of one night and a maximum of three months in our short stay rooms. Below are the room types and prices:

Standard rooms $45 per night max 1 guest 
Premium $50 per night  max 1 guest 
Flat (single)  $80 per night max 1 guest
Flat (double)  $90 per night max 2 guests

For more information on accommodation please email [email protected]


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