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Semester two is gaining traction and as our resident freshers settle in, so are three Residential Advisers (RA’s). University Hall (UniHall) welcomes Anne-Marie, Aundré and Dewi to the RA team for Semester Two 2017. I recently conducted a brief interview with each of them to see how they were finding the move into a leadership and pastoral care role.

Brodie: “Please introduce yourselves with your name and the floor you represent.”

Anne-Marie: “My name is Anne-Marie. I look after L200’s and 309-317.”

Aundré: “My name is Aundré. I am RA of A100’s, B100’s and M200’s.”

Dewi: “My Name is Dewi. I look after the Taylor’s College students in A400’s.”

Brodie: “Thanks so much. What made you apply for the position of Residential Adviser at UniHall?”

Anne-Marie: “I felt UniHall had given me many opportunities and I wanted to give back to the community through the RA position.”

Aundré: “My previous RA told me about the exhilarating time he had as an RA and how the job improved his interpersonal and leadership skills.”

Dewi: “When I first arrived at UniHall, I was uncertain and nervous. I was so fortunate to have friendly and helpful RA’s introduce themselves to me. I wanted to apply to be an RA as this gives me the opportunity to shape someone else’s college experience from a simple one to an unforgettable one just as mine was.”

Brodie: “It’s great to hear that you all had such positive experiences and wanted to pass that on. What are you most excited to accomplish while you are an RA?”

Anne-Marie: “I’m excited to work with others as well as the residents. I think this is the most exciting part because I love meeting new people and learning from their experiences. I find this is the best part of having a leadership role because you learn to adapt more easily.”

Aundré: “Running unique floor events is definitely the most exciting part of being an RA for me.”

Dewi: “That’s a tough question! I hope that I have been able to change at least one resident’s experience by the end of my role. I want to have helped a resident feel better, more at home, and achieve more than they did at the beginning of their college life. I am excited because being in this position gives me the opportunity to shape the community and be that first impression of UniHall.”

Brodie: “That’s great guys. Now obviously a large responsibility as an RA is being involved with the organization and coordination of Orientation Week for the new intake of freshers. How did you all find that experience?”

Anne-Marie: “I attended the quiz night and found it really well planned and thought that is was a great way to start off the semester.”

Aundré: “I was one of the unlucky few whose schedule at UWA clashed with O-Week, so I was unable to attend most events. I managed to attend the bowling night and had a ball (pun intended). It was great to meet people from around the world and learn more about them.”

Dewi: “I quite enjoyed Orientation Week! I helped with the O-groups, the freshers are all so enthusiastic and friendly! It has been a pleasure to meet them!

Brodie: “Thank you all so much for that insight. Glad to hear you are all settling into your roles. I am sure that you will all make amazing RA’s for the coming semester.”

Remember to apply if you are keen to make an impact as Aundré, Anne-Marie and Dewi are! Applications for 2018 RA positions close Friday September 8 2017, 5pm.

Written by UniHall reporter Brodie.

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