19 Jun

Last night, University Hall was honoured to host UWA Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Johnson to  the opening of the Principal’s Dining Room.

Prof Johnson was joined by distinguished guests including Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Community and Engagement, Prof Kent Anderson, Ms Gaye McMath, Chief Operating Officer, the newly appointed University Hall Council Chair, Matthew Budge, and several UniHall alumni and current residents.

The Vice-Chancellor gave a stimulating talk on the growing importance of University colleges in underpinning and enhancing the student experience.

“Prof Johnson explained how, at a time when universities themselves are challenged by digital disruption, and the openness and accessibility  of knowledge on the internet, the key to success will lie in giving students a great learning and living experience that emphasises and fosters real-life connections and experiences,” says Mr Keith Conley, Principal University Hall.

A number of UniHall student leaders were able to discuss these ideas further over a fine dinner in the Principal’s Dining Room amongst key decision makers from UWA and UniHall.

Mr Conley says, “It was a convivial and enjoyable evening that the Hall intends to build on through our academic dinner program.”

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