25 May

Last night all the colleges gathered in the UniHall Dining Hall for the screening of the LipDub 2016 Challenge.

Milkshakes and cotton candy were handed out as students entered the Dining Hall to take their seats.

The turn out was massive with students sitting on tables and along the staircase. It was the biggest turn out in all the intercollege events to date.

After a quick college roll call with loud cheers for each college, the screening began.

There was a lot of creativity put into all the LipDub videos. There were tons of different storylines and outrageous costumes. You could definitely tell they were having fun!

UniHall’s video was awesome! Great choreography during the dance break. There were little surprises throughout the video too, especially the fake proposal at the end! It was also filmed in such a way that the audience felt like they were part of the video. Nice touch.

At the end of the screening it was time to announce the winner.

For a second year in a row, UniHall took second place in the 2016 Lip Dub Challenge! A job well done!

While walking out of the Dining Hall, I heard someone from another college say that UniHall should have won. Now that’s saying something!

Congratulations to all the UniHallers that worked hard on the video and those that participated. Your time and effort paid off!

All of the colleges did a wonderful job on their LipDub videos and congrats to Trinity on taking first place!

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Written by Renee Campbell-Sobers, University Hall Roving Reporter

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