03 Jun

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader –  John Quincy Adams

On Monday 30 March, participants of the 2015 University Hall Pathways to Leadership Program embarked on their first Leadership Skills Seminar of the year. This seminar was presented by none other than a Currie Hall legend, Dr Georgina Fyfe, the first Female Residents’ Club President. Georgina gave great insight into Leadership for the Introvert, deviating from the conventional extroverted model of leadership, demonstrating that leaders are made and not born.

The session was filled with great discussions of what makes a leader and why the Leadership Program participants want to become leaders, an exploration of how introverts can become leaders and challenge themselves to develop in the process. Georgina also shared her own leadership journey, as well as stories and experiences from her time as a resident and leader at Currie Hall. Following the formal portion of the seminar, the evening concluded with a great networking session over lots of food and lots of further discussion.

It is safe to say that participants left the seminar with a lot to think about and a new perspective on models of leadership, taking them one step further in their own development as UniHall’s future leaders.

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