13 May

Last night I had the pleasure of attending University Hall’s Mock Casino Night.

When I arrived at the K House Common Room, I was met with a stretched out red carpet – a nice touch I totally was not expecting.

The greeter handed me my fake money and off I went. There was a table full of tasty refreshments including sushi and mini cream puffs. I definitely ate way too many snacks, but I couldn’t help myself! The drinks were refreshing and had themed names such as Las Vegas Nights. I liked those little details.

My first stop was at a game which I believe was called Craps. I decided to watch a few rounds to see what I was getting into before I placed my first bet. The game was easy and the odds weren’t too bad either. You can pretty much win every time as long as no one rolls a seven. My turn came to roll and I was doing alright, I had three good rolls. My last one was a seven, and everyone lost. I took that as a sign to move to the next game.

I took a shot at Roulette next. Let me just say, I am very glad that it was fake money! It’s way too easy to lose everything playing Roulette. It was fun though, all the anticipation of watching the wheel spin wondering if you made the right decision with your bet. I actually won a few times, surprisingly.

The most popular game seemed to be Blackjack. These tables had the most people. Even though I didn’t play, watching was fun. I didn’t know Blackjack was so easy. Some people took some big risks. But you know what they say, “big risk, big reward”.

I really liked how they had professionals running the games. It made it feel like a real casino. I’ve been to a real casino and I would go more often if I could use fake money there too.

By the end of the night, I had more fun watching others play than playing myself. I ended up giving my remaining chips to a friend…who then lost it all playing Roulette.

 Whoever had the most money at the end could win real prizes. Such as a ticket to the end of year party or actual money.

Overall it was a great night! It was a nice break from studying and I hope there are more in the future.


Written by Renee Campbell-Sobers, University Hall Student Reporter

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