13 Sep

University Hall (UniHall) residents Su Ching Lee and Benjamin Wong are the new Environmental Community Advocates for the Hall. Together they have taken a proactive approach to raise awareness about the environment, energy saving, water usage and food wastage by implementing a variety of community driven initiatives.

Ben says that when he came to UniHall he was amazed by the greenery we are surrounded by and was enthralled by the Hall’s close proximity to King’s Park and the Swan River. He felt becoming a Community Advocate would be a great opportunity to do his part for the event while meeting more fellow residents, making friends and having fun.

Su Ching is currently studying Environmental Science at The University of Western Australia (UWA) which makes preserving the environment something she is quite passionate about. She says that while saving energy and reducing waste may not reduce weekly rent rates; it is still important and makes a huge difference is keeping Perth and the UniHall grounds beautiful.

“As a member of Earth, all of us have the responsibility to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and keeping climate change under control,” says Su Ching.

Their projects kicked off with the revitalisation of the UniHall Community Garden. UniHallers went shopping for fruit and vegetable seedlings which they have now planted. They are excited for these to grow and to start harvesting produce for their own cooking.

Some other projects the two have planned include organising volunteer expeditions such as a clean-up at Pelican Point, developing a website to discuss conservation topics and a surprise energy saving challenge – more information to come on the UniHall website.

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