23 Sep

University Hall (UniHall) residents are gearing up for Australia’s largest annual multi sporting event; the 2015 UniGames.

Over 7,500 university students from around Australia will be travelling to the Gold Coast this weekend, 28th September – 3rd October, to compete in a variety of sporting events.

Excitement is building for participating UniHallers; Merrick Cloete, Synarah Murphy, Erin Kate Dikstaal, Maria Othzen, Myung Shin Kang, Yee Mun Quah, Kimberley Thien, Ingrid Freshwater, Cass Greenwell, Jessica Crisp, Zanamarica Bodey, Emily Aitken and Christalent Christocento.

“It’s exciting to have this opportunity to not only play sports at a competitive level but also to meet other students from around the country. I have already met so many new friends through this experience and can’t wait for the Gold Coast,” says Jessica Crisp, UniHall ResClub Female Sports Representative.

The list of sports students can participate in is endless. UniHallers will be competing in baseball, taekwondo, judo, ultimate frisbee, AFL, rowing, badminton and touch rugby.

Kimberley Thien is looking forward to her first year at UniGames. She has signed up with her friends to play Ultimate Frisbee – a sport she never considered playing before.

Students leave for the games this Friday night and can’t wait to compete and have the time of their lives.

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