21 Nov

UniHaller Rachel Rainey’s run down on inter-college events this year. Take a look at what our UniHallers got up to along College Row.

This year UniHallers had the chance to participate in a range of cultural, social and educational events hosted by the Residential Students’ Department that strives to enhance the overall intercollegiate experience of all residents along college row. Some of the events are social mixers intended to promote intercollegiate friendships and relationships such as parties and arts night. Others are more competitive and colleges compete for points towards the annual cultural cup.

Sem 1

The first event of the year was the Fresher Festival at Matilda Bay. Although the end-of-o-week festival includes a water dunking station, bouncy castles, a sausage sizzle, free donuts and plenty of MGP-UWA-College Row_Fresher Dance-Feb 2016 022other fun activities; the focus is without a doubt on the fresher dance off. This event is a wonderful introduction to healthy inter-college rivalry with each college arriving in their fresher shirts with college coloured war paint on their cheeks, chanting and waving banners. We’re proud to say University Hall smashed out first place for the third year in a row to the classic “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas. We couldn’t have done it without the excellent choreography from Georgia, our cultural representative, who dedicated weeks before OWeek planning and creating the dance plus then teaching it to our freshest residents. In particular, our three soloists were incredible. The win was a wonderful start to the year, starting us off on a roll for cultural cup.

Not long after, we held our next event, the Inter-college nightclub party. This year’s theme was Barbie vs Army and the event was held at Air Nightclub in Northbridge. Our college turnout was fantastic, there was a huge presence of UniHallers there in fabulous costumes, some of them managing to take home costume prizes. The night was a very successful one full of enthusiastic dancing and lots of pizza. It offered the opportunity for new residents from every college to mix with returning residents and make friends outside of their own college, year group and age.

The second competitive event of the year, the RSD quiz night at Trinity College, also had a tremendous effort from University Hall. Questions were full of references to pop culture, memes and college stereotypes and bonus rounds included waxing hair, eating bananas and ‘bowling’ with apples and water bottles. The winning team of the inter-college quiz night was from UniHall! We also had one of the highest participating colleges in college row. Our college placed third in the bonus singing challenge, thanks to our very talented resident Naya. These factors combined led to an overall place of second place for UniHall, earning us yet more points towards cultural cup and of course bragging rights.

tahlia-starry-night-ballPerhaps the biggest RSD event of the year is the inter-college charity ball. This year’s theme was ‘Starry Nights’ and the event was hosted on Oak Lawn. Many UniHall residents bought tickets, dressed up beautifully and attended the night. It boasted a huge dance floor, open bar, live acoustic music in the beginning of the night and a DJ later in the night, a charity auction, incredible canape food, beautiful decorations and lighting in an enormous tent outdoors on a wonderful autumn evening. Eyecandy photography, the photography company used for all RSD events did a splendid job capturing the evening with both photographs and an awesome video. The event raised several thousand dollars for the Starlight foundation, a charity for chronically ill teenagers and children. It was a wonderful night with 350 residents coming together from different colleges for a great cause.

To those along college row placing well in the Lip Dub competition means points towards cultural cup and bragging rights. Lip Dub challenges residents to drop as many pop culture references, college locations and sassy dance moves into one continuous take of a song to showcase the wonderful college environment they live in. Fabulous leads, witty posters and creative costumes from residents of UniHall amounted to a rendition of Walk The Moon’s “Shut up and Dance with Me” with all the necessary Donald Trump references, rinsing and marriage proposals to take out a win. All of our efforts managed to land us a second place for the second year in a row, an incredible feat in one of the most competitive cultural events of the year. The screening was hosted in the UniHall Dining Hall, filling up the room with more than 600 people. The screening of the Lip Dubs is the most popular inter-college event, filling up our entire dining hall with residents from across college row proudly dressed in their college merchandise. Watch our video here

Sem 2

We kicked off semester two with the Olympic themed Tav Show, an opportunity for residents to dress up as their favourite Olympic athletes and bond with other colleges over the latest hits on the dance floor. We had an excellent Uni Hall turnout, a real testament to their dedication to party considering our ResClub ‘Pure Green’ returners party was the night before. The event had excellent costume prizes, themed drinks and the president of EMAS as DJ.

Next on the calendar was the much anticipated Intercollege Debating, a unique battle of wits where colleges competed on ridiculous debate topics in an attempt to show whose banter was most on point. The event was held in the old and beautiful dining hall of St Georges college. With great eloquence and humorous rebuttal against other colleges, our two debaters Curtis White and Danica Lamb spoke brilliantly and managed to snag UniHall an overall third place. Danica was also awarded the Archbishop of Banterbury for being the best overall spetahlia-bandsaker for the night.

The prestigious annual Battle of the Bands that followed was an exciting night that showcased the tremendous musical talent residing in College Row. The bands’ incredible performances had everyone singing along and made the dance floor hard to resist.  We could not be prouder of the UniHall band who put out an amazing performance and placed second by a very small margin. Our performers played an incredibly diverse range of instruments from mandolins to violin to interactive freestyle rapping. The quality of the Uni Hall band was largely thanks to the hard work and organisational skills of our cultural rep, Georgia and astounded the judges and was the perfect set to finish up the night.

We would like to thank all the UniHall residents for their enthusiasm and overwhelming support and the dedicated efforts of ResClub that make RSD events so successful and allow our relationships with other colleges to flourish. Our residents have behaved with eagerness towards every event and respect towards other colleges and their residents and deserve to be commended for that. UniHall is now in an excellent position to win the Inter-college Cultural Cup despite fierce competition from the other colleges.

Written by Rachel Rainey, Residents’ Club Inter-College Representative; Sneha Mishra, Inter-College Vice President; and, Peg Atkinson, Inter-College Fresher Representative.

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