16 May

Our UniHall Sports Representative Ian Brady is back with another inter-college sport wrap up. This weekend, 13-14 May, saw our badminton players come together to form a men’s and a women’s team to compete. See below for the play by play action by Ian…

It was another great weekend of inter-college sports for University Hall (UniHall)! We had a great turn out at badminton trials which allowed myself and Noah to really build a strong Badminton team for both the Women and Men’s team.

The Women’s team consisted of players who have played competitively at high standards before. This definitely showed in the matches with Jessica Boiedaman and Jiayan Toh being our star players in Division One singles.

Our Division Two singles player was Jane and our dynamic doubles duo consisted of Denise Lim and Amy Attawater. The women’s team clean sweeped every college 3-0 including the grand final against St Catherine’s. This crowned the UniHall Women’s team as champions of inter-college badminton for 2017.

The Men’s team was just as impressive with the Division One single player Hamed Asf, Division Two singles players Ajay Dhadli and Murray James and the doubles team consisting of Nelson Ten and Dan Jones.

The UniHall Men’s team won against St Catherine’s, St George’s and Trinity but lost to Tommy Moore 2-1 in a tough match. However with three wins and one loss meant they made it through to the Grand Final against Tommy Moore. The final was another close and tough encounter with the singles rubbers providing much entertainment. However the Men’s team ultimately lost 2-1 but still won second place in the overall competition.

Overall the results from this weekend bumped our Men’s team up to first place on the inter-college ladder! The UniHall Women’s team also moved up and are now sitting in fourth place. Some very positive results I think.

Written by UniHall sports rep Ian Brady

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