10 Apr

University Hall was proud to have both the men’s women’s team make it to their Grand Finals over the weekend!

Our Female ResClub Sports Rep, Ian Brady,  said the women’s doubles team made it to the Grand Final after three wins and one loss. Kristin Holz and Hitomi Onoue played a fantastic game against Trinity with a close effort and win of second place.

The men’s team, Ian Brady and Chris Mihaljevich, also played out some incredible games as they made it through to the Grand Final after two wins and two losses. They came in second place after playing against Trinity.

“We would like to congratulate all our spectators that came to support UniHall at the tennis, it was a big goal of ours to get spectators this weekend to support us. It’s a big step forward to our overall goal of creating a better sporting culture at UniHall,” says Ian.

Coming up next for inter-college sports is Womens and Mixed netball which is looking to be incredibly popular around the Hall. Games times will be posted on the University Hall Sports and Clubs Page

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