02 Oct

Every year the University Hall Residential Club (ResClub) raises the bar for the annual residents’ ball; the biggest and most anticipated event on the social calendar. By having it at Crown Casino this year the night oozed luxury and sophistication.

This year’s Oasis theme transported residents to an Arabian summer night. Guests were welcomed by a roaming Arabian drummer upon arrival followed by a Persian band and belly dancers as entertainment during the meal. The belly dancers were the highlight of the night for many residents’ such as Lauren Pienaar who loved joining them on the dance floor and learning to belly dance towards the end of their performance!

That was when the party really started as the DJs played a ranged of well-known and loved music, getting everyone up on the dance floor for the rest of the night. Of course the DJ set list included an array of classic party anthems along with the ‘Fresher Dance’ song to ensure everyone was motivated to celebrate what it means to go to UniHall with their friends.

The ball involved a whole year of dedicated planning on behalf of ResClub’s event team. Head of Events Mia Ridzuan said the planning was worth it when the night ran seamlessly and everyone could be seen enjoying themselves!

Many are surprised that the ball is student organised given its level of extravagance and professionalism, which are a reflection of the time and effort ResClub committed to organising it. ResClub highlights the dedication and talent we have and the support here at University Hall (UniHall) through the many initiatives provided for student development.

Deputy Head of college Janet Linn congratulated ResClub saying this year was the best ball she had been to in her eight years at UniHall. She felt immensely proud to be the Deputy Head in front of her husband and the event contributors who were amazed by the quality of the event, along with how the residents carried themselves and embraced the night.

Every resident you speak to will tell you the annual ball is the biggest and best event on offer at the Hall and one you won’t want to miss out on! This year, guests were blown away by the attention to detail as they soaked in the intricate table and roof decorations, traditional performances, themed three course meal, complete with Turkish delights scattered across the tables and even the opportunity to get Henna. The entire arrangement along with the photo booth and roaming photographers made everyone feel like Persian royalty in their formal attire.

Second year resident Luke Bark described the ball as an amazing night, taking too many photos, dancing and celebrating college life with the friends you’ve made and know will last a lifetime.

The best part of any event at college is the people you are sharing it with. The people you meet at college are more than just friends; they become your UniHall family!

The ball is a close-knit event where you celebrate the nearing end of academics and reflect on all you’ve done throughout the year with the people that mean the most to you.

Written by UniHaller Melinda Jasper

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