15 May

Our University Hall (UniHall) Sport Representative Ian Brady couldn’t be more proud of our netball teams making the finals in the inter-college competition. If you missed the nail biting games he has recapped both the women’s and mixed team finals for you.

Women’s Team:
For the first weekend of play the women’s team had four matches. Unfortunately, the women’s team had three back to back matches where they versed St Georges, St Catherine’s (St Cats) and then Trinity. The first match went really well with our girls putting on a great performance scoring seven consecutive goals before St Georges scored their first point.

The girls really put what they learnt in trainings into the game and they executed the game plan really well and as a result it saw them win the match 12-2.  In the second match the UniHall Women’s team were up against a strong St Cats team. The difference in standard and play was clearly evident as the St Cats team were treasuring possession and making clinical plays down the court and really exposed our defence and pressure. Despite our tough trainings, I don’t think the girls were prepared for such aggressive play and were definitely struggling with fatigue from the previous game. We ended up losing the match 24-1. Our third back to back game was against Trinity, despite the score, the girls played valiantly but it wasn’t enough to beat Trinity and we lost 11-2.

Unfortunately, we became very fatigued and in our last game we were annihilated by the opposition. Tommy Moore was simply too good for us, doing the little things well and just treasuring possession and converting our turnovers into goals. They ultimately won the game 16-0.  However, with 1 win and 3 loses the girls still made it to the third and fourth play offs and versed Trinity where they unfortunately lost 28-4.

Mixed Results:

The Mixed netball team started remarkably well with good connections and play down the court. Our first game was against Trinity and from the first centre pass, we played outstanding netball.

Once again it was great to see the players implement what they learnt and worked on in trainings especially in terms of creating space, leads and driving hard towards the circle edge. These aspects helped us a lot to get the win over Trinity 17-4. Our next game was against St Cats and unfortunately we didn’t play as well and it most likely came down to new combinations being introduced. These new combo’s meant a lot of confusing play and it left us unsettled throughout the whole match, St Cats took advantage of this and played clinical netball to ensure they got the win 12-5.

The 3rd match was against a strong St Georges team but compared to the previous match we started off strong. We switched back to the original line up that won the Trinity game and it proved to work. It was a very physical match with St George’s being frequently warned for consistent and unnecessary contact which warranted in their goal defence being warned and almost sent off. The match was very intense and close. The supporters could feel this tension which saw them cheer hard!

It was a great atmosphere and unfortunately it got to overwhelming and silly errors creeped into our game in the last minutes which saw St Georges comeback and win the game 13-12. It was a devastating loss which perhaps lowered our moral in our next match against Tommy Moore.

The final game against Tommy Moore was completely different and we focused more on trying out new combinations and giving some players a break. Despite great plays here and there, we lacked a consistent game in this match and Tommy Moore capitalised on it with great shooting and fast mid court play and won the match.

Through one win and three loses we still made finals for third and fourth which was played on Friday. The play-off match for third and fourth was between UniHall and St Georges and was a high score game but unfortunately UniHall lost the match. Unfortunately, the UniHall team missed players from last week which meant there were new combinations and play out on court and this time we couldn’t make it work. St Georges ended up winning 24-10 which meant we finished fourth overall.
Overall a solid effort from all of the UniHall team players! Plus it was fantastic to have so many supporters at the games cheering us on – you really do make a difference.


Written by UniHall Sport Rep, Ian Brady

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