08 Jun

Following last year’s success, the University Hall Mentoring program launched again in 2015. We kicked off the program this year on Friday 20th February with the now-traditional Mentor-Mentee Dessert, during which Mentors and Mentees officially meet for the first time and bond while eating scrumptious desserts. It was a great evening with a strong turnout of Freshers! The night was filled with many introductions, laughter, conversations, and a ton of delicious cakes – the room was buzzing!

The Mentoring Program invites caring returning residents to volunteer their time in assisting new residents in their transition to University Hall. Mentors are available to answer questions new residents may have regarding life at the Hall, but also to ensure that they are socially connected. Many of the Mentors this year were Freshers last year or are upper-year residents who are eager to give back to the Uni Hall community. The program, which falls under the broader Personal Enrichment program, is coordinated this year by dedicated RAs Camille Tutton and Corné Fourie, and Lead RA Emily Goh.

In 2015, the Mentoring program continues its successful partnership with UCafé, allowing Mentors and Mentees to catch up throughout the semester over coffee and fresh-baked muffins. The recipients of the UCafé vouchers are determined by a monthly Lucky Dip – always a desirable prize! A big thanks to UCafé for their ongoing support of this initiative.

University Hall would like to acknowledge and thank our 2015 Mentors:

Alex Glenn, Andrew Lam, Andrew Norris, Andy Lau, Angie Robinson, Areef Walker, Ash Tyndall, Billie Mcinerney, Caitlin Harman, Carmen Tan, Daniel Chai, Greg Naylor, Gordon Kam, Haider Latif, Jack Hutchinson, Jak Cary, Javirthaa Rengasamy, Jeremy Tan, Jessica Crisp, Jessica Yeoh, Joey Bin Omar, Kavi Supramaniam, Lauren Pienaar, Leanne Nankivell, Li Hoong Ong, Lin Wee,  Luke Cleal, Madeleine Granger, Madeleine Pang, Melinda Jasper, Mia Ridzuan, Michelle Kang, Monika Siekelova, Quenton Cornell, Rebekah Dowsett, Siti Khadijah Mohamad Asfia, Sochantha Huang, Tim Smith, Yan Ming Wong, Zahra Lotfollahi, Zeda Lee.

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