31 May

University Hall (UniHall) had two teams compete in the inter-college (IC) basketball playoffs these past two weeks. The game intensity was high all around with players eager to score points to ump their college up on the IC ladder. Our Sports Rep Ian Brady has the inside game play below:

UniHall’s Women’s team was captained by in-form player Shailyn Isaac who played tremendously throughout all four games. The team consisted of Shailyn Isaac, Jayde Marshall, Becky Keziah, Joanne Chan, Mihika Seal, Jessica Crisp, Shony Hayden and Valentine Pons. The first game was up against Tommy Moore and it was definitely a tough welcome to the competition with some intense and physical play between the colleges.

UniHall didn’t have the ideal start to the game and were unfamiliar with the physicality of the sport and were down by a considerable amount before finally getting points on the scoreboard. The slow start ended up being our biggest challenge and as a result we couldn’t catch the deficit and ended up losing the game 28-12.

Our second game was against St Catherine’s (St Cats). Unlike our previous game, UniHall started this match with more intensity and grit and it showed on the scoreboard with the girls leading the scoreboard in the first 10 minutes of the game. However St Cats showed why they were the top team as they picked up their game with some great drives, lay ups and three pointers that left us depleted. Our girls never gave up the fight and continued to battle through the match and come up with great plays but it unfortunately we ultimately lost 38-14.

The next game was one of the most well contested matches of the day and it was against St George’s. This game was like a grand final to the girls as they needed to get some wins under their belt to ensure they made finals. As a result, I pumped up the girls through a long talk and huddle and they seemed to lift up and be more motivated. The match saw high performances from Jessica, Jayde and Shailyn – they really stood up to the pressure and lead us to win 27-21.

The last game of the day was against Trinity and once again the girls were motivated and determined to get another win under their belt. Trinity lead for most of the game due to great drives, lay ups and three pointers. However our girls remained in the game through impeccable defence and some great play on attack. In the last few minutes the girls drew level with Trinity but couldn’t make the last shot. Overall the girls ended up with one win, one draw and two losses.

The Men’s team consisted of great players such as captain Callan Gray, Adam Zuks, Brandon Mark, Curtis White, Darryl Loke, Jimmy Bidstrup, John Murray, Lachlan Walley and Inoke Tagive. The first game was against St George’s and similarly was an intense welcome to inter-college basketball as it was a very physical game. Both colleges excelled in attack and defence and it was no surprise that throughout the game each team would take the lead and then the momentum would shift to the other team. However in the end both colleges couldn’t be separated and it resulted in a 33-33 draw.

The next game was against an in-form Tommy Moore who has amazing basketball players on their team. It was a well contested game however our men couldn’t match them and lost 43-20.

The men were eager to get on the winning board and went into the next match with a lot to prove. The match was evenly contested through the duration of the game with a fierce battle between the centre of St Cats and our centre Lachlan Walley. Unfortunately we couldn’t sustain the high level of play and St Cats kicked into a higher gear and took control of the match which saw them take a commanding lead to win the match 38-29.

The last game was against Trinity and this game proved to be quite special for the team as the UniHall Men’s team was able to beat Trinity convincingly. All the players were once again motivated to get a win to secure a spot in finals so they were really pumped to get on court. UniHall were merciless against their opponents as they smothered them in defence with Trinity struggling to land shots. The all court pressure that UniHall placed on them allowed UniHall to get turnover ball which was converted into points at the other end. In the attacking end, UniHall was just as impressive with some great play being displayed by Callan and the rest of the team. With this win the team made it through to the finals!

There was a nervous excitement on Friday night (26 June 2017) as the UniHall Men’s team geared up to play in the IC Basketball finals. It was a great game with UniHall sticking by Tommy Moore throughout the whole game. In the end UniHall lost the third versus fourth play offs by just seven points. The team is still very happy to have made it through to finals!

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