04 May

2015 second place winner, University Hall (UniHall), is aiming for first place in this year’s LipDub competition.

Every year the Residential Student Department runs an inter-college LipDub competition. Residents from each college choose a song and then secretly create a story which involves dance, fancy dress and unique ways to travel around the college to showcase the rooms and community lifestyle.  It also includes bonus criteria, such as having staff in the video, for colleges to win bonus points.

UniHall’s first set of lead auditions took place last night, with the second set to take place tonight from 6:30pm-8pm in Music Room 2. Auditions are simple, residents just show up and sing along to the song; which is kept a secret from the other colleges. They don’t need to know any specific choreography; the most important qualification is enthusiasm! Auditions can be done in pairs or as a solo.

For those that can’t make the auditions, there is the option to send in a video audition by this Sunday 5 May. Videos can be sent via Facebook to Samantha Day (pictured, far left), Rachel Rainey (pictured, far right) or to the Residents’ Club.

This Sunday, from 7pm-9pm there will also be a Pizza Poster Night in the games room. It will be a fun night eating heaps of pizza and decorating posters for the Lip Dub video.

Taking part in this year’s UniHall’s LipDub will be an incredible and memorable experience for residents!

Written by Renee Campbell-sober, University Hall Student Reporter

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