25 Sep

The third Global Café night at University Hall (UniHall) featured the fascinating country of Iran.

UniHall has one of the most diverse communities amongst College Row. To celebrate this, the Hall holds Global Café nights which showcase the food, history, culture and personal stories from some of the UniHallers’ home countries.

Veronica Bye, UniHall Residential Advisor and one of the event organisers, said after speaking with Iranian UniHallers that they chose to feature Iran as there was something mesmerising about it.

On Tuesday 17th September, the K House Common room transformed into a Middle Eastern festival with guests greeted by presenters Noosha Behshad, Shokoufeh Kabirinajafabadi, Nima Moradi Soumehsaraei, Maryam Abdolahpour and Zahra Lotfollahi with fresh Iranian tea and sweet treats.

The girls presented together on the background of their country and what they loved most about their home. For some this included little fun facts such as the country of Iran looking like a cat on a world map, with many Iranians calling their map ‘The Cat’ because of this shape.

One of the highlights of the night was the traditional dancing. The girls gathered all guests in a circle to show their refined moves. UniHallers then joined in with giggles all around the room as they tried to move as elegantly.

A big part of Iranian culture is dance and food. The girls cooked and prepared all of the delicious traditional dishes for the night. Some of these included:

  • Mast o-Khiar: a refreshing yoghurt and cucumber dip
  • Kashk Bademjan: a popular vegetarian appetiser
  • Halva: a smooth sweet dessert

UniHallers thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse of Iran and the opportunity to personally experience a new culture.

“I really enjoy Global Cafés as you learn about different cultures. The Hall is so big and with this event you get to meet lots of new people and new friends,” says Veronica.

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