30 May

University Hall’s (UniHall) debate was one that had residents expressing their passion, wit and persuasion as the Academic Team hosted the second inter-faculty debate. With a contentious topic that was bound to polarise K Common, Assisted suicide should be legalised, the teams gathered to convince the audience on their perspectives.

With Armin, the lead academic mentor, who introduced the topic, giving an insight into what assisted suicide was, the debate proceeded with the teams presenting their case.

The affirmative team which consisted of Brody Kelly, Mickey Seal and Mariya Senina, eloquently argued with the central themes of dignity and choice. Throughout the debate, the team cohesively brought up that an individual has the right to choose their own death. On the other hand, the negative team (Kung Yan Toong, Hariz Izam and Max Chatfield), countered with the stance revolving around hope, particularly hope for a better future for an individual, rather than choosing to end it. They elaborated on the potential backlash, conflicts of interest and the blurred boundaries that this issue entails.

The debate definitely did not disappoint, prompting an uproar of audience participation after the formalities. Questions were thrown back and forth, igniting sparks between the two teams and the audience. The contentious nature of the topic generated various opinions, with stances coming from all ethical points of view. There were issues revolving around the potential glorification, whether it was more morally just to help someone end their life or continue watching them suffer plus many more perspectives were brought to light.

With the end of the night in sight, the adjudicators and Residential Life Coordinators Stefanie and Lee-Von, after a spirited discussion themselves, had awarded this debate to the affirmative team by a small margin.

This debate had everyone critically evaluating their own opinions and broadened their knowledge to understand the vast array of profound perspectives surrounding this topic.

The topic was one that would have affected many of us at some point in our lives, and as Stefanie pointed out, there is always support available within the University Hall community and the wider UWA community as well – never be afraid to seek help.

Finally, a big thank you to the debaters, the host Sidharth Nambiar and the Academic Team for such a wonderful event!

Written by UniHall Reporter, Dewi Ang

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