09 Sep

Mental Health is something many shy away from or don’t understand. UniHaller Eleanor Jones is one of our new University Hall (UniHall) Community Advocates who has put her hand up to support and raise awareness of mental health amongst the Hall community.

Eleanor chose this role as she understands how being young and navigating the world can lead to stressful moments. She said she aims to increase the understanding and acceptance of mental health issues by gathering the community together and promoting tips and services to help UniHallers.

“It’s essential that we feel open towards the discussion of mental health issues, a subject that is often avoided and comes with a lot of stigma attached. By starting conversations surrounding mental health awareness at UniHall, I hope that more students’ feel they can talk to someone they trust and that they live in an accepting community with access to the resources they need, whether it is for themselves or a friend,” says Eleanor.

Throughout Semester Two Eleanor will be holding a series of projects for the UniHall community. The first is Spring Into Wellbeing coming up on Thursday 15 September, featuring guest speaker Kate Ollier a practicing child psychologist.

“This is a really great way to ease into the idea of bringing mental health into focus while you’re at university and it will help show how everyone can do a little something every day to help keep on top of their wellbeing during even the most stressful times,” Eleanor says.

Other events include holding live experience talks from the Black Dog Institute with Jade Sanderson – starting on Wednesday 12 October. Jade will talk about how resilience is something that anyone can achieve when experiencing mental health such as stress, depression or many other issues. Plus The University of Western Australia’s (UWA) Health Promotion Unit (HPU) will be launching Five Ways to Wellbeing in the Dining Hall during exams.

“By having a more open discussion I hope that UniHall will feel like a place where any individual can feel comfortable discussing anything they may encounter with their friends, Residential Advisors, and Residential Life Coordinators and know that they will not be alone or judged in dealing with such issues,” says Eleanor.

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