17 May

The 2016 University Hall Ambassador Program has kicked off with a fantastic team of our current UniHallers. We are excited to see many returning residents from last year’s pilot program plus many new faces around the Hall joining the team. Our ambassadors get involved in a whole range of leadership, community, networking and UniHall promotional activities.

Get to know some of our Ambassador team!

Kylana McIntosh

Kylana Mcintosh










“I‘m a second year UWA Genetics and Law & Society student, who has been living at UniHall for one and a half years. I’m from Woodvale, a northern suburb up near Joondalup, so I don’t have quite the same excuse as the regional students for living at college, however it’s definitely the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m currently a part of the RSD Ball Committee, UniHall International Night Committee and the UniHall Leadership Program, in which I am running a program with the UWA Early Learning Centre. I love living at UniHall for its awesome amount of cultural diversity, it gives us such a fantastic chance to learn about different nationalities and their traditions.”

Yasmin Barbosa Coutinho











“I’m originally from Brazil, but am here on exchange,  from studying in London, UK! I’ve been living at UniHall for almost a year where I am the Social Officer of the Resident’s Club and a Global Ambassador for UWA and Student Travel Ambassador for STA Travel. Back at home I major in Psychology & Drama, but because I am on my year abroad, I get to study many different things at UWA, which is great as I get a taste of all our many different faculties! For example, since last semester I have been able to take electives in Marketing, Communication, Gender Studies, Philosophy and Psychology.”

Nagham Saleh

Nagham Saleh








“I’m from Syria and have been living at UniHall for two years. This year I won the University Club Bursary and the University Hall E House Bursary Scholarships which support my living expenses at the Hall. In 2015, I was part of the International Night Committee and am excited to be on board again this year, plus I’m in the UniHall Pathways to Leadership Programme. What I love about UniHall is the great people I’ve met!”


Stay tuned as more of our ambassadors share their story.

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