27 Sep

Environmental Advocates Su Ching Lee and Benjamin Wong have launched the University Hall (UniHall) 40 Days Energy Saving Challenge. UniHallers are supporting this fantastic new project by remembering to switch off lights, not leaving on their heater and being more mindful about their energy and water consumption.

Su Ching and Ben are passionate about this environmental initiative and have shared with the community below what they hope to achieve.

This 40 Days Challenge is an energy saving initiative held from the 26th of September to 4th of November 2016. The objective of this campaign is to reduce the consumption of electricity, gas and water at University Hall.

UniHall is an all-inclusive residential college where all utility bills are covered in the fees, and thus residents may not feel the need to be mindful of their energy and water usage. This leads to energy and water wastage, when used unnecessarily.

Statistics tell us that Australia is among one of the countries with the highest household electricity and fresh water usage per capita in the world. However, at University Hall we are consuming much more electricity and water per capita than the national average. All residents should be familiar with the motion detecting lighting system and keycard power system in rooms. While it may seem a daunting task to reduce our electricity usage, with the combined effort of all the 757 residents living at University Hall, we certainly can help to reduce our consumption of electricity and water and play a part in making a big difference in the long run. Innovative and simple energy saving tips will be posted on our blog periodically to encourage and motivate all of us to be more conscious of our energy and water consumption.

Throughout these forty days, we aim to achieve the goals of reducing our monthly consumption of energy (electricity & gas) and water per resident to:

  • Electricity = 300 Kilo-Watt-hours
  • Water        = 7000 litres
  • Gas            = 5 cubic meters

At the end of the forty days, UniHall’s average utility usage will be measured, tabulated and compared against our previous year’s usage. In the event where we are successful in meeting our goals in making significant savings in our energy and water consumption, the equivalent amount of resources saved in dollar terms will be given back to the UniHall community. As of present, we plan to use the money saved to either host a celebratory pizza night, install solar panels or set up a bursary fund for Hallers in need. This depends on how many energy we save so we hope UniHallers will take up the challenge to reach these goals!

Written by Su Ching Lee and Benjamin Wong

To get involved and share your suggestions on how to give back to the community contact Ben and Su Ching through their Question Box


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