12 Apr

Not one, not two but three of the Wong brothers, yes triplets, have travelled from Malaysia to live at University Hall (UniHall) and study at The University of Western Australia (UWA).

The triplets Kenneth, Chris and Ben are happy they were able to continue their studies into higher education together as they have been taking classes with each other since primary school.

The boys while not identical triplets, have many similarities with one being their love for maths and science which led them to studying engineering at UWA.

“We were studying in Malaysia but wanted to move to a larger university with more flexible course options. I decided to apply to UWA where I was accepted into engineering” says Ben.

Ben says he started the UWA ‘trend’ with his brothers, who then applied and were accepted into UWA. While all brothers are studying an undergraduate degree in Engineering Science, they each have a very unique second major.

Chris is also studying Marketing and says he’s still not too sure what his exact career path will be but hopes to find out more about what he wants at UWA.

Kenneth says he loves numbers, so he enjoyed the flexibility of adding Accounting to his degree.

Ben is also studying Law and Society and says he hopes to move further into law if he is accepted into the UWA Juris Doctor course next year.

When they’re not studying, you can find these boys in the Games Room at UniHall. Chris says this is where they meet with friends, play ping pong and have a game of pool.

Since Kenneth was four years old, he has played the piano and likes to head down to the music room to unwind after class.

“Chris and Ben gave up after a couple of classes but I kept going; now I like to play Beethoven,” Ken says.

Looking for new experiences during his time at UniHall, Ben is considering joining the soccer team. He says he used to play back home and is interested in getting back into it.

Chris considers himself more as the ‘appreciator’ out of the trio and likes to watch Ben play sports and listen to Kenneth play his music.

Currently Kenneth and Chris are sharing a room at UniHall (two rooms side by side with a joining door) while Ben has his own room. They say they enjoy living together as they each have their little quirk to help each other get ready for the day.

The boys say not many people recognise they’re triplets or even related.

“We like telling people and then seeing their shocked faces,” says Chris laughing.

The boys now feel at home at the Hall and have been busy making many new friends at UniHall events and around the UWA campus.

Ben says in the future the boys may split up for their postgraduate degree but right now they are happy studying and living together at UWA.

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