18 Jun

UniHaller Cassandra Greenwell has been elected as captain for not just one soccer team but THREE! This girl is constantly on the move through training, leadership roles, volunteering and loves a good game of soccer.

Cass is captain of The University of Western Australia (UWA) UniGames soccer team (a university student competition); the Futsal team (intercollege competition) and UWA Nedlands which is the highest a state premier league competition.

When Cass first moved into University Hall she had no idea how sporty the culture was. She had chosen the Hall for its diverse population and then discovered the vibrant and active side of the community.

“There are always people playing soccer. We all just go down to the quad and play futsal, it’s really good!” she says.

From a young age Cass remembers playing as much sport as she could and because she regularly travelled around the globe, soccer was one of the main sports played in each country she lived in.

It was in high school where she really fell in love with the game. Cass attended a British International School and played soccer as her main sport – she was invited twice to play in the Youth World Cup.

Cass strongly considered a career playing soccer and was even offered a scholarship to play at a university in San Francisco.  After deferring for a semester, her mum and grandmother convinced her to move to Perth where she enrolled at UWA and moved into University Hall – she hasn’t looked back since.

“UWA is one of those things where you get so many opportunities if you take them. I don’t think I would be able to do the same things that I’ve been able to do here if I lived in the states.

“So I’m happy in a lot of ways that I moved here,” says Cass.

Cass has taken onboard a wide range of leadership opportunities at both UWA and UniHall. She is currently the Residential Advisor for C House at the Hall where she brings her own flare to the role through her sporting passion.

“Our last event was a softball sundowner, I figured no one is really great at softball so we could all have a sausage sizzle, soda and play some games. It was a great way for people to be active and have fun,” says Cass.

When she isn’t at soccer training, keeping fit at the gym or supporting her C House residents, Cass is heavily involved in the university soccer community. On the weekend she referees for junior soccer and volunteers as a student representative on the UWA Nedlands Soccer Committee.

“I help out a lot at the Club where I run the BBQ and bar with Tony, the president, and Sam, an employee; they’ve pretty much became my family at the soccer club.

“They know I will always help them and they help me out too when fundraising comes around for the UniGames.”

If the list couldn’t get any longer, Cass is also the Treasurer for the UWA Futsal Club and sits on the UWA Sports Council. This year she has successfully taken on a more prominent leadership role as the Council President.

So how does she fit all of this in while she is studying Environmental Sciences and Anthropology at UWA? Cass says she never finds it hard to manage her time as she thinks of it as having lots of little things to do all the time. She gets to play the sport she loves, keeps herself fit and hangs out with her friends all the time.

“I think sometimes people can focus too much on just uni. I feel it would be bad if I came out of university with just a degree.

“I have met a ton of people and it’s all to do with UniHall that I’ve had this experience and I think that’s an important thing,” says Cass.

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