20 Feb

Based on student feedback from the 2014 Annual Resident Survey, the Maintenance Portal has been made more user-friendly and efficient.

The Survey, designed to provide insight on all aspects of the Hall, relies on resident comments and suggestions to help form the basis of change implementation and improvement to the residential experience. Of the respondents, 50% occupied Studio Rooms, 18.1% were residents of One Bedroom Apartments, with 23.8% residing in Standard Rooms and 8.1% in Standard Premium Rooms.

The improved Maintenance Portal now informs students when their requests have been logged with the Maintenance Team, but also when attended to and completed. Additionally, students can re-log issues if they are concerned the request has not been fixed.

With more improvements planned to the Maintenance Portal, UniHall will be further guided by student feedback to help create services that improve the UniHaller experience.


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