12 Nov

Photo: UniHallers Johnny Grigson (left), Ryan Varis (centre) and Chris Massey (right)

I have lived at University Hall (UniHall) for over two and a half years now and over my time I have created friendships and had my eyes opened in ways I could never imagine possible.

Growing up on a rural farm east of the mining town Collie, I was initially apprehensive living in a place where people were constantly within earshot, as opposed to kilometres away. I was also nervous about leaving my family, as it was the first time I was truly moving away from home to journey into a very different and fast paced world (compared to what I was used to).

I had all the usual fears about leaving home – would I fit into this new environment? Would I be acknowledged, let along accepted, into city life? Will I fit in and belong in a fast-paced and exhausting world?

All my questions and fears were quickly abated on day one when I met my Residential Advisor who was from Exmouth; a remote town in the far north of WA. I was also surrounded by people from all over the world who had similar fears and apprehensions as me. Around midnight on that first night I remember sitting at the bottom of B House discussing matters far beyond anything I had intellectually discussed in my lifetime (and may never do so again) and knew this was the place I wanted to be!

Since then, my life has been a constant whirlwind of adventure and amazement, from meeting people all over the world, to getting fantastic opportunities to broaden my horizons in leadership, management, interpersonal skills and many other areas.

I’ve had the opportunity to represent the student body and work for them in both the Residents’ Club and as a Residential Advisor. I’ve also been accepted as a UniHall Ambassador and am really looking forward to the opportunity to represent the Hall and share my journey and experiences with new and prospective students.

UniHall has definitely changed my life and if I had the chance again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Written by UniHaller Ryan Varis

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