28 Jan

The UWA Sport and Recreation Association (UWA Sports) have an excellent opportunity available to University Hall residents. They are holding a Fitness Leadership Week Stream during the week 10-14 Feb. They are inviting students to put their hands up to be a part of the program.

The program will be an exercise camp style that will focus on practicing the different types of fitness training (group training, group fitness, and gym and fitness centre management) and learning the basics of delivering such training. Participants will also have the option to complete an Apply First Aid Course free of charge. The week will be a valuable program for participants in itself however it will also serve as an opportunity for those interested to show their potential to become a fitness instructor. Selected participants will then be taken through further training and qualification with the possibility of employment at the end of that process.

The program will run as follows:

Monday 10 Feb: 9am – 4pm

Tuesday 11 Feb: 9am – 3:30pm

Wednesday & Thursday: Apply First Aid options

Friday 14 Feb: 9am – 4pm

If you are interested please contact Callum Warner via callum.warner@sport.uwa.edu.au by Jan 31.