03 Jun

It’s the small things in life which really matter! UniHall resident Tiffeny Farag organised the event ‘I was Here’ as a way to show appreciation for small acts of kindness which occur every day around University Hall.

“Sometimes you may do a kind gesture for someone and think that it didn’t really mean anything to them but in reality it actually meant a lot to them and goes a long way,” says Tiffeny.

This journey started at the beginning of the week where residents privately wrote down small stories which had personally affected their time at UniHall. Each night Tiffeny put envelopes on Residential Advisor doors and collected these stories to share with the community.

“In the beginning I would only collect five or six envelopes, even though there are 750 residents living at the Hall.

“But eventually I ended up collecting over 100 stories,” says Tiffeny.

Each night she would post these anonymous stories on the I Was Here event Facebook page for the UniHall community to read and take a moment to appreciate.

At the end of the week UniHallers came together in the K House Common Room to share these special stories together. Tiffeny collated the stories onto a large poster where residents sat around to appreciate, share a tear and support each other over a slice of cake.

Tiffeny was inspired by the Beyonce song ‘I Was Here’ as she felt it highlights that any action or word big or small can have a positive impact in someone’s life.

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