24 Nov

UniHaller Erin Dikstaal can now add the title of Yellow Division Heavy Weight Champion to her collection of medals after winning ‘gold’ at this year’s UniGames. This is her second gold medal; her first was in the 2013 UniGames and in 2012, at the Adelaide UniGames, she took home the silver medal.

Her decision to enter the games was last minute but as this was her last year studying at The University of Western Australia (UWA) she wanted to make the most of her student experience.

“I went over with a friend (Tarquin Jay) from the UWA Club, Platinum Taekwondo. He won bronze for UWA in his black belt male division heavy weight category,” says Erin.

There are two different styles of taekwondo and Erin prefers the more traditional, slightly slower stream, by the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF). She says that while sparring they only wear gloves and not as much head gear.

At the competition Erin says she met lots of people from different universities who all shared a love of the sport.

“When you’re waiting for your match, you get to chat to different people and make new friends,” she says.

An absolute highlight for the trip was not only winning gold but watching her friend win the creative patterns competition. This is an interpretive taekwondo style dance he performed to the song Let It go. He won UWA’s first Green and Gold medal for this competition.

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