16 Oct

UniHaller Cass Greenwell took off to the Gold Coast for this year’s UniGames as the captain of The University of Western Australia’s (UWA) Division One Women’s Futsal team.

Together the team placed third at UniGames with Cass winning the Green and Gold Most Valuable Player across the women’s’ futsal competition.

Cass is passionate about sports and her soccer in particular. In her first year at UWA she played soccer for UWA Nedlands where her captain encouraged her to play in her first UniGames. Since then she has entered every year!

This year’s team consisted of 11 players from UWA, Including a UniHall alumnus, Narelly Alneida, who used to live with Cass at the Hall. Cass says she took on a new challenge this year as the team’s goal keeper.

“I played goal keeper which was terrifying as I never had before. I trained all semester and ended up winning green and gold for it, which was awesome!” she said (with a smile on her face).

UniGames isn’t all about the sports though. University students from all over Australia come together to compete but also to socialise amongst a vibrant community of students. Every night events were held with different themes (Disney vs Pixar and Tradies vs Housewives) for students to unwind after their games and to have some fun.

Cass and her team barely knew each other when they first entered the games. Each night their team would cook dinner together (spaghetti, nachos and curry nights), chat and have their ‘fines’ session (a game the girls created together). Cass says these nights were her favourite part of the trip as everyone really got to know each other.

“Team bonding was so good and it meant every day we had really good banter. By the end of the week we knew each other really well and even caught up when we got back for chicken wings,” says Cass.

Not only did the team play sports, they were also able to watch different women’s futsal games. Some of the men’s UWA soccer team, including Michael Didek who won green and gold as the soccer goal keeper, cheered on the girls in the finals.

UniGames is a great experience as students are there to compete in sports but also to have a good time. Cass says she will definitely be back next year possibly for the UWA women’s outdoor soccer team.

UniHaller Cass Greenwell is located in the above image as the third student from the right.

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