09 Mar

The Common Room in K House has been revamped just for our UniHallers.

University Hall has listened to the residential community about how students would like to use their common spaces around the Hall. Spending a night in with friends watching movies or having a gaming marathon are two favourite past times at the Hall.

You’ll now find in K Common brand new lounge bean bags to wiggle into and get comfy! Plus new coffee tables, couches and facilities are now available for the entire community to make use of. There is no structure to the room layout as residents can move the furniture as they please to get comfortable and feel at home while hanging out with friends. Residents can bring their own dvds or games to watch on the projector screen with surround sound – “experience the movies”.

UniHall is looking forward to hosting many more events in K Common room in the very near future. Keep your eye on what’s coming up on our UniHall Facebook.


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